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Transit terror, my Oregon Trail inspired, post-apocalyptic, rng-based cannibal simulator is as finished as it'll probably ever be!

Really had fun working on this one. Once again it was nice to go a bit more art focused (still crappy programmer art though lol) instead of working myself up over code. My 4th Ludum Dare submission and definitely not my last! Would love to get some feed back and would be great if you guys tried it out and told me what you think.

What is the game?

The game is about driving your bus as far as you can by managing resources and making decisions based on events that will determine the survival of your 20 passengers. Do you stay and fight the hordes of zombies and bandits to perhaps loot some more resources like food or fuel for the road, or do you speed off in an attempt to not risk losing what little you have.
Currently there are about 10 different possible random events, 5 of witch have multiple outcomes. A bit less than I'd hoped but I really just ran out of event ideas :/ Hopefully there's still enough flavour for at least a few runs :) Its a proof of concept if anything. 

Resources, the name of the game

Managing resources effectively is key. The player will be required to keep tabs on supplies, food, fuel and morale to keep the party going. Running out of fuel? Trade some supplies with a nearby stronghold or camp. Morale running low? Get your guys an extra ration each to keep their spirits up. Haven't found food in a while? That's what the 'Cannibalise' button is for.

Upgrade your Post-Apocalyptic Death Chariot

By spending supplies gathered in the wastelands from random events like winning hostile encounters and scavenging, you can upgrade your bus to not only make it look cool as hell, with the final upgrade sporting an M1 Abrams cannon on the roof, but also increase your combat effectiveness. Combat effectiveness is calculated based on how many passengers you have that can fight, how well supplied you are, and the upgrade level of your Bus.

Tools Used

Art: Photoshop
Engine: Unity
Scripting: Visual Studio
Music/Ambience: FL Studio 12
Sound: Audacity **Almost all sound effects across all 4 of my Ludum Dare entries have been edited recordings of my mouth**

Special Thanks

Big thanks to Papa Porg (https://www.facebook.com/porggod/?ref=br_rs) for shouting out the game in his facebook group.
I never asked him too, he offered it. Thanks fam.

Final Notes

Been looking through some of the entries this Ludum and they just keep getting better. I know I say this every time but I'm genuinely so impressed at what some people can do in just a couple of days. Keep it up guys. I'll see you in a few months. 

Hope you enjoy the game.

Install instructions

Just extract the .RAR or .ZIP file and run the executable.


TransitTerror_Build6.rar 17 MB
TransitTerror_Build6.zip 21 MB

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