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I set up a discord!
Link: https://discord.gg/FBRnw3k

This game has taken me about a month so far. I am extremely new to development and I'm trying to test the waters with a concept that came into my head. The game is extremely bare-bones so expect bugs with the whole thing...

It's mostly a practical learning project for me but I try to do what I can with it.
I hope you enjoy playing it.

0.1.6 (BUILT 29/10/2016 : PUBLISHED 29/10/2016)
- Revamped a few materials/textures.
- Added weapon purchase areas. (Once displayed amount of points is reached they can be spent on buying weapons)
- Added Ak69. (No weapon model yet, however)
- Added version information in the top left corner during gameplay. (For reference to old screenshots and footage)
- Added basic DeBug menu available through the pause screen. (Mostly for my testing purposes but anyone can use it if they so desire)
- Added fullscreen toggle in Video Settings.
- Added some filler to the Main Menu to make things a bit less plain.
- Added button to open Itch.io page on the main menu.
- Added auto-reload when the clip runs empty.
- Lowered player mass and increased enemy mass further.
- Re-Wrote stamina code. (This caused unity to spaz out and set all variables to '0', I can't exactly remember what they were before but I tried my best. )
- CPU Optimization.
- Fixed awkward bug where stamina depletes while holding shift, regardless of if the player is moving.
- Improved Walker model.

Thanks to all for playing so far!

Big thanks to bpgmrcom, AurynSky and NarcosVsZombies for shouting out the game on their streams.

Fixes and new features incoming!

Read through my mind map for more info: https://mind42.com/public/4a0f38b6-c574-4122-a105-...


- W, A, S and D to move.

- SHIFT to sprint.

- E to interact.

- Num Keys to switch Weapons.

- R to reload.

- B gives 100 points (Just for Dev Testing but is still in until I remove it on the chance that people feel a bit cheaty :P )


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Is there a way to email you I need to tell you something!

Just @ me on my discord since you're in it :)




I've basically abandoned this for bigger and better things. The whole game is pretty sloppily made and I'm slightly ashamed. Thanks for playing it, none-the-less :)